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The ReUCYcle app was developed as a prototype to help facilitiate person-to-person recycling practices of houlsehold items/goods. The app takes advantage of the popularity and wide-spread use of of mobile technologies in Cyprus, to provide for the promotion of recycling in a country that faces a big challenge in this area. The working prototype has been tested and evaluated. It is envisaged that if funding is forthcoming, the prototype can be developed into a fully functional mobile app.

IHE2018 - Third Biennial International Conference on the Use of iPads in Higher Education

IHE2018 will be in Bath, UK. 10th – 13th April, 2018. Emerging from the Art+Design: elearning lab at Cyprus University of Technology, through the first conference in Paphos in 2014, iPads in Higher Education provides a unique platform for sharing experiences, engaging in debate, and inspiring new approaches in educational technology. The conference organisers are: Bath Spa University, University of the West of England, University of Southampton and the Art + Design: elearning lab.

World Design Day Cyprus 2017

On 27th of April 2017, the 2nd World Design Day Cyprus event will be hosted in Limassol. Word Design Day Cyprus is an annual event that aims to create awareness on the varied benefits of Design. This second annual event focusing on Living Design / Presentation & Discussion with Cypriot Designers will take place in Tassos Papadopoulos Building, Hall 1, ground floor, Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus. Event starts: 18:30-21:30 pm. We would be honored if you joined us! Admission is free however pre-registration is required, so please book your place via Eventbrite by following this link:

Design education in Cyprus: Expectations and challenges

In the Republic of Cyprus (RofC) a number of public and private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and further education colleges – about twenty in total – cater for the educational provision of various design-related disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This provision includes graphic design, visual communication, landscape design, multimedia design, architecture, product design and interior design, to name a few. Only a small number of the design disciplines in the RofC have a professional association and the majority do not. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some design graduates are employed locally in related industries or are self-employed, while often others pursue further (postgraduate) studies abroad. There are no official statistics regarding graduate destinations and, until recently, none of the above institutions was obligated to keep relevant records... The intention of this report is, in the first instance, to open up the debate on design education in the RofC – something that is long overdue – and secondly, to make an initial informed contribution towards developing an understanding of the current situation. You can download the white paper from the link below.

Drinking and Driving. Your decisions will affect your life...

Kyriakos Ioannou is a postgraduate student undertaking the final year (2016-17) of the MA in Interactive Multimedia at Cyprus University of Technology ( As part of his studies, Kyriakos designed and developed an interactive site that allows users to explore the potential effects of drinking and driving. Depending on the alcohol related drinking decisions users make, a number of random scenarios unfold. The site is designed for young drivers, and has been evaluated with the target audience through action research. Kyriakos was supervised by members of our team.

Associate Membership: Synthesis - Centre for Research and Education

Synthesis is an enterprise that creates social value. It is dedicated to the development of the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Cyprus. It works with all Cypriot communities and across the island in view of promoting social entrepreneurship across the divided country, and contribute to peace and reconciliation. Synthesis have established the "HUB NICOSIA," the first Hub on social impact in Cyprus.

Interactive Online Guide: The Harvard or Short Referencing System

We designed and developed this interactive online guide for the Harvard or Short Referencing System to help undergraduate students with their extended essays or thesis. The guide includes the following: References, plagiarism - what it is and how to avoid it, quotation and paraphrase within the text, extended essay statement and abstract, how should it look? Style guidelines, tips for using Microsoft Word to deal with long documents, do I need an appendix? Controlling information monsters, choosing a good extended essay or thesis topic, and the ten most common student problems with English.

Voices from the village

"We had about 100 sheep... One room, and one kitchen... The sheep had their own covered area... The milk and the cheese we used to sell in the surrounding villages... At the time there were fifteen (15) different shepherds in and around Lofou... In the winter we would take the flock on horseback down, closer to the periphery of the town, and in the summer we would bring the flock up here... Each trip - one direction - lasted about four (4) hours..."

Survey: Design for social change and innovation

You are kindly invited to participate in our online survey on Design for social change and innovation. The survey aims to elicit views on what higher education, in collaboration with related private enterprises, can do to foster design for social change and innovation. All contributions are anonymous, and average time to complete this online survey is about 10 - 15 minutes.

Christina Skarpari World Design Day Cyprus 2016

Christina Skarpari making her presentation at World Design Day Cyprus on 20 April 2016 at Cyprus University of Technology.

Survey on design education in Cyprus

Anyone can participate in this research, as long as they have an informed opinion about design in Cyprus. However, it is not necessary for the participants to be designers. All replies are confidential, and they can be submitted in Greek or English. The research will be completed by Wednesday, 30th of November 2016 and the results will be announced early in 2017. To take part in the online survey on design education in Cyprus:

Call for expressions of interest to host ihe2018

This call is for expressions of interest for the third International Conference on the use of iPads in Higher Education ( ihe2018 ). The first ihe2014 was held in Paphos (Cyprus) in March 2014, and was attended by about one hundred participants. ihe2016 was hosted by the University of San Francisco and was attended by over one hundred delegates. Following on from the successes of ihe2014 and ihe2016, we would like to invite expressions of interest for ihe2018.

Download pdf file with details on the call.

WDDC 20/4/2016

World Design Day Cyprus was held on 20/4/2016 at the Tassos Papadopoulos building (Cyprus University of Technology) in Limassol, and was attended by over 85 people. The five invited speakers were Christina Skarpari, Daphne Christoforou, Constantinos Economides, Daniella Georgiou and Xenios Symeonides. More information on the event at:

Voices from the village

One of the by-products of globilisation is that the voices of the powerful and big are more easily heard. Voices from the village aims to empower the residents of the picturesque village of Lofou (Cyprus) to voice their personal stories, narratives and living experiences – all associated with their life in the village – through the medium of the Internet. A number of men and women from the village of Lofou will be interviewed individually, to capture and record their unique stories through narratives supported by photographic material they will each provide. Each narrative will be a self-contained story of life in the village and will become available online within an hour of the completion of each interview. All the narratives together will provide an overview of life in the village of Lofou. It is hoped that the common threads from these voices from the village will also reveal the common challenges confronted by life in rural Cyprus, and thus the title of the activity: Voices from the village. The interviews will take place during one day of the Xarkis Festival, and the venue will be an outbuilding of the main church in the village; a symbolic place considering the importance of religion for isolated rural communities in Cyprus.

Working with unaccompanied refugee minors

Unaccompanied refugee minors (URMs) are children under the age of 18 who have been separated from both parents or their customary primary care-giver, due to conflict and displacement. The intervention we planned for the URMs consisted of an instructional experience that combines digital technologies and the creation of art-related content.

Access to the URMs was facilitated through the NGO ‘Hope for Children’ in Nicosia. We requested an initial meeting with the minors to demonstrate the potential of the technology (iPads), we provided a workshop and finally agreed with the art teachers on the educational content to be developed by the URMs.

The educational objective is to provide the URMs with knowledge and skills that normally they cannot acquire due to their circumstances. The overall process entails a number of additonal stages, and will take 2-3 months to complete. - 20/4/2016

Within the geographical, political, social, cultural and economic context of Cyprus, as well as the wider definition of design discourse, the purpose of World Design Day Cyprus, is to

- Provide a public platform for the dissemination of the innovative work and achievements of Cypriot designers from different fields;

- Promote Cypriot design that is underpinned by social, ethical, environmental and inclusive considerations;

- Highlight the contribution to the quality of life, as well as the cultural, social and economic contribution of design disciplines to Cypriot society;

- Raise awareness of design thinking and process in the context of Cyprus; and

- Organise related events for World Design Day Cyprus.

We consider that design is inherently multi and cross disciplinary, and as such it encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, such as applied arts, architecture, automotive design, communication design, engineering design, graphic design, fashion design, game design, information architecture, industrial design, instructional design, interaction design, interior design, landscape architecture, lighting design, motion graphic design, product design, process design, service design, software design, sound design, urban design, user experience design and web design – to name a few.

We consider that the value of design to Cypriot society can be better appraised if together with the cultural and educational contributions, the wider improvements to the quality of life and the economic benefits are also acknowledged.

2nd Biennial International Conference in the Use of iPads in Higher Education (IHE2016)

IHE2016 was held at the University of San Francisco (USF), and was attended by about 120 delegates. The 'Art + Design: elearning lab' was one of the co-organisers and the majority of the IHE steering committee are members of our lab including our doctoral students.

23rd EUROCALL Conference

The theme of EuroCALL 2016 is CALL Communities and Culture. It offers a unique opportunity to hear from real-world CALL practitioners how they practice CALL in their communities, and how the CALL culture developed in local and global contexts. CALL has moved from traditional drill-and-practice programmes in the 1960s and 1970s to more recent manifestations of CALL, such as the use of interactive whiteboards, corpora and concordances, Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), to the applications used in virtual learning environments and e-learning, virtual worlds, gaming and Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL).

The 'Art + Design: elearning lab' supports this conference.

1st International Conference in the Use of iPads in Higher Education (IHE2014)

IHE2014 was held at Almyra Hotel in Paphos (Cyprus), and was attended by about 75 delegates. The 'Art + Design: elearning lab' organised the inaugural conference.