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Members of the 'Art+Design: elearning lab' have research profiles on '' and 'ResearchGate'.

- Dr. Nicos Souleles

- Dr. Andrew Laghos

- Dr. Stephania Savva

- Dr. Eirini Papageorgiou

- Demetra Perdiou

- 2017: Design Education in Cyprus: Expectations and Challenges. Working Paper 01. Info:

- 2017: Co-organisers and co-hosts 16th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning (mLearn2017), Larnaka, Cyprus. Info:

- 2016: Co-host iPads in Higher Education biannual conference (IHE2016), San Francisco, USA. Info:

- 2014: Organisers and hosts iPads in Higher Education biannual conference, Paphos, Cyprus. Info:

- 2019: MW2019 Boston Conference Scholarship Award, Dr. Stephania Savva. Info:

- 2018: Proposal title 'Museum Affinity Spaces (MAS): Re-imagining Museum-School Partnerships for the 21st century through a Multiliteracies Lens'. RPF Proposal Number: POST-DOC/0916/0248. The proposal was graded 14.03/15.00, and funded €114,000 by Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. The primary investigator is Dr. Stephania Savva. Info:

- 2018: Proposal acronym 'DISCERN'. Submission for call: EAC-A05-2017. Erasmus+, Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices. Action type: Knowledge Alliances for Higher Education. Info:

- 2018: Proposal title 'The Third Way'. Submission ID: 1477600. Erasmus+ Cooperation and Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. Action type: Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education

- 2017: Proposal acronym 'Re-UCYcle'. Submission RPF Proposal Number: SOCIALINNO/0617/0016. Info: Cyprus Research Foundation