The ‘Art + Design: elearning lab - design for social change’ pursues a variety of educational and research activities, as well as practical socially orientated interventions in support of design for social change and innovation, social entrepreneurship, design education and technology-enhanced learning. We are a group of friendly individuals with diverse and complimentary skills and interests, and we work as a collective. Design thinking, evidence-based design, ethnography, phenomenography, grounded theory and action research inform our strategies.

Meet The Team

Dr. Nicos Souleles

-educational research
-design for social change
-technology enhanced learning

Dr. Andrew Laghos

-social networks
-human computer interaction

Dr. Stephania Savva

-technology-enhanced learning
-museum education

Dr. Eirini Papageorgiou

-cultural heritage expert
-arts and culture training

DR. Marios Samdanis

-cultural entrepreneurship
-social innovation
-digital creativity

Dr. Ana Ferreira

-associate researcher
-innovation, sustainability
-social design

Dr. Katja Fleischmann

-design for social change
-design, innovation research
-design e-learning

Claire Pillar

-editorial & content development
-knowledge management
-social media

Dr. Dimitra Perdiou

-design education
-design process

Eleni Dimitriadou

-social activism
-resilience & refugees

George Kyriakides

-visual communication
-social commentary

George Kokou

-entrepreneurship & innovation
-marketing management
-business networking